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Loan Officers

John Nichols
John Nichols CEO and Chairman of the Board Email NMLS ID: 1213230
Justin Holt
Justin Holt SVP & Regional President of Beauregard Parish Email NMLS ID: 417086
Ashley Forman
Ashley Forman SVP & Regional President of Calcasieu Parish Email NMLS ID: 671669
Jayne Stewart
Jayne Stewart Vice President, Park Terrace Branch Manager Email NMLS ID: 417084
DeeDee Phelps
DeeDee Phelps Vice President, Loan Officer, Park Terrace Branch Email NMLS ID: 829913
Karen Drewett
Karen Drewett Vice President, Loan Officer, Nelson Road Branch Email NMLS ID: 799974
Jamie Harris
Jamie Harris Asst. Vice President, Loan Officer, Park Terrace Email NMLS ID: 1066189
Sherry Jackson
Sherry Jackson Asst. Vice President, Loan Officer, Westside Branch Email NMLS ID: 417087
Brandon Lestage
Brandon Lestage Asst. Vice President, Loan Officer, Moss Bluff Branch Email NMLS ID: 1379169
Lydia Fruge
Lydia Fruge Asst. Vice President, Branch Manager, Nelson Road Email NMLS ID: 1218286
Courtney Sebastien
Courtney Sebastien Loan Officer, Park Terrace Branch Email NMLS ID: 1544292
Kyle Mestayer
Kyle Mestayer Loan Officer, Park Terrace Branch Email NMLS ID: 1242646

New Accounts

Debbie Stengel
Debbie Stengel Asst. Branch Manager, Westside Email NMLS ID: 1651943
Michelle Lockhart
Michelle Lockhart Asst. Branch Manager, Park Terrace Branch Email NMLS ID: 1652727
Rose Nero
Rose Nero New Accounts Rep. Park Terrace Branch Email
Rebecca Schlueter
Rebecca Schlueter New Accounts Rep., Park Terrace Branch Email
Paula Bourque
Paula Bourque Asst. Branch Manager, Nelson Road Branch Email NMLS ID: 671654
Jordan Manuel
Jordan Manuel New Accounts Rep., Nelson Road Branch Email

Administrative Staff

Sarah McElroy
Sarah McElroy Senior Vice President/Cashier, Chief Financial Officer, Operations Center Email
David Morris
David Morris Senior Vice President, Chief Credit Officer, Operations Center Email
Virginia Greenman
Virginia Greenman Vice President, Operations Officer, Operations Center Email
Latasha Soileau
Latasha Soileau Vice President Human Resources Director, Operation Center Email
Robert Grant
Robert Grant Information Technology Officer, Operations Center Email
Charli Hebert
Charli Hebert Asst. Vice President, Audit/Loan Operations, Operations Center Email
Ann Ludolph
Ann Ludolph Asst. Vice President, Executive Asst., Park Terrace Branch Email
Carol Strickland
Carol Strickland Asst. Vice President, Funds Management Officer, Operations Center Email
Jennifer Phillips
Jennifer Phillips Asst. Vice President, Loan Operations Manager, Operations Center Email
Regina Hall
Regina Hall Asst. Vice President, Systems Analyst Officer, Operations Center Email
Christina Parker
Christina Parker Electronic Banking, Operations Center Email
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