FNBD VISA Debit Card

Add the worldwide shopping acceptance of VISA to your ATM card.

It looks like a credit card, but works like an electronic check, with the amount deducted from your checking account. 

  • Access checking account funds without the hassles of writing a check, showing I.D. or waiting for check approval.
  • Make purchases anywhere VISA is accepted without creating a credit card balance.
  • Get cash back with purchases.
  • Use it to shop by phone.
  • Feel more secure because you don’t have to carry lots of cash.
  • Keep track of every card purchase or ATM withdrawal because they’re itemized on your monthly checking account statement.
  • Protect your VISA card online with a personal password
  • VISA provides reassurance that only you can use your VISA card online. Learn more about the benefits of Verified by VISA.\
  • Click here to register your card with Verified by VISA 
  • Debit card monthly service charge may apply, $1.00 unless you maintain a $5000.00 balance in any account that is accessible with the debit card or the first account holder is 62 years or older. 
  • FNBD reserves the right to deny an application for a debit card at its discretion.

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Have convenient access to your money, 24-hour a day, 7 days a week.

You will be able to use your card at ATMs around the world.

Use it to make cash withdrawals and account inquiries.

Surcharge Notice:

When using an ATM not owned by First National Bank, be aware that some ATM owners may impose an ATM access surcharge. FNBD charges $1.50 per transaction on ATM cards (not debit cards) used at foreign ATMs. ATM owners that charge a fee are required to advise you in advance, and obtain your approval, prior to proceeding with the transaction.

  • $5.00 for first card
  • $5.00 replacement card fee
  • Apply for your ATM Card today. Just complete the application and receive it today.
  • 6 Convenient locations:

Main Branch & Main Branch Drive Thru
131 N. Washinton St.
DeRidder, LA

Park Terrace Branch
1003 N. Pine St.
DeRidder, LA 

West Side Branch
105 Smith St.
DeRidder, LA

East Village Branch 
823 Mahlon St.
DeRidder, LA

Moss Bluff Branch 
1838 N. Hwy 171
Lake Charles, LA

Lake Charles Branch
5245 Nelson Rd.
Lake Charles, LA

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After banking hours:
Please use the following 800 number at the FIS Network to report a lost or stolen VISA Debit Card after business hours and on banking holidays.

(800) 500-1044

During banking hours:
If an ATM and/or VISA Debit Card is lost or stolen during banking hours, please call FNBD’s Operations Department:

(337) 463-6231
Toll Free # 855-562-6702

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Reg E Notification

If you want us to authorize and pay overdrafts for which an Overdraft fee will be assessed on ATM and everyday debit card transactions, call (337) 463-6231.  You can revoke your authorization for FNBD DeRidder to pay these overdrafts at any time by calling the above number.


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