Good Funds Model

ATTENTION FNBD BILLPAY USERS:  To provide additional security on your account, FNBD will be utilizing what is known as the Good Funds Model.  This change will be effective Monday, August 1, 2016.

 What does this mean for you?  Before payments can be remitted to payees the funds will have to be available.  If funds are not available in the account, the scheduled payment is cancelled and you will be informed that the payment could not be processed due to the lack of sufficient funds.  You may then reschedule your payment. 

 How does this benefit me?  With the Good Funds Model, payments clear your account prior to the payee receiving the funds, giving you more control of when funds are debited from your FNBD account.  This also removes the risk of payments you make using Bill Pay being returned NSF by FNBD, often incurring fees and/or late charges.

 Payments will process a day earlier.  This will greatly affect your bill pay transactions.  In order to preserve the Deliver By Date, the bank will be debiting user accounts 1 day earlier than you are accustomed to.    


Your business is important to us and the security of your online banking is our top priority. In order to maintain a high level of security, we require our online banking customers to change their passwords every (365) days. The password must be at least 6 characters long, one of which has to be a number and one has to be a special character (i.e., #, @, !).

We strongly encourage our customers to never give out any of their personal banking information such as account numbers, online banking username, and passwords to anyone. There are a great number of fraudulent scams that occur over e-mail, web pages, phone calls, and text messages. Please be very cautious when it comes to your personal information. As a reminder, if we at FNBD contact a customer, or they contact us, we already have the customer information and will only require customers to verify their customer identification number (CIN). FNBD will never send you emails, phone calls, or text messages asking you for your personal information. If you receive any communication from FNBD that you suspect to be fraudulent or suspicious, please contact the bank immediately.