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FNBD Historic Operations Center

FNBD is pleased to announce that its historic Downtown DeRidder Branch is being transformed into the FNBD Operations Center. All critical FNBD staff members dealing with logistics, technical support and financials will now be operating in this iconic location, making it the nerve center for all FNBD branches, from Beauregard to Calcasieu.

Opened May 29, 1934 the FNBD Downtown Branch has greeted customers arriving on horseback to Ford Model Ts, onward to the eco-fuel smart cars that you can find out front today. Like all great structures this building has a strong cornerstone. FNBD has embraced a figurative role as financial cornerstone of the DeRidder community for over 80 years. If you’ve walked its marble floors to make a transaction then you know its historic appeal. It has served to remind us of FNBD’s rich history, while faithfully providing banking services to loyal FNBD customers. 

The FNBD Operations Center will continue to service our safety deposit box clients and still provide convenient teller banking at the downtown drive-thru extension just north of the location.

With this important transition comes the new designation of the state-of-the-art Park Terrace Branch as the Main Branch for FNBD. This will enhance the overall FNBD customer experience with additional service and lending personnel, along with continued support and convenience provided by the East Side and West Side branches and staff. 

As FNBD continues to expand throughout the Beauregard-Calcasieu region, its line-up of convenient and smart banking products grow as well. With the FNBD Operations Center in historic downtown DeRidder acting at its heart, FNBD will continue to be a historically strong community bank with the expertise to navigate the banking needs of the future.

For more information regarding the FNBD Operations Center visit one of our branches, call toll free 844-OUR-FNBD or contact